JMSSA Volume 1 (2022)

Introducing Journal of the Mormon Social Science Association

Rick Phillips, University of North Florida


The End of Growth: Fading Prospects for Latter-day Saint Expansion

David G. Stewart, Jr., University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Apocalypse or Zion? How Eschatology Affects Attitudes toward Social Peace Among Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Chad Ford, Brigham Young University, Hawaii
Boyd Timothy, University of Washington
Réka Bordás-Simon, Make.Shift
Zach Tilton, Western Michigan University

An Indian Princess and a Mormon Sacagawea? Decolonizing Memories of Our Grandmothers

Thomas W. Murphy, Edmonds College
Kerrie Sumner Murphy, University of Washington
Jessyca Brigette Murphy, Make.Shift

The Anthropology of Mormonism: An Emerging Field

Adam Dunstan, Kenai Peninsula College
Erica Hawvermale, Syracuse University

Lectures and Symposia

Pulling toward Zion: Mormon in its Global Dimensions

Laurie Maffly-Kipp, Washington University in St. Louis

Symposium on the Lives and Work of Armand L. Mauss and O. Kendall White

Daryl White, Spelman College
Gary Shepherd, Oakland University
Gordon Shepherd, University of Central Arkansas
David Knowlton, Utah Valley University


Richard Bushman’s Biography, Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling, Assessed from a Sociological Point of View

Gordon Shepherd, University of Central Kansas
Gary Shepherd, Oakland University